Helping Technology Companies Evolve

Helping Technology Companies Evolve

  Business development and
M&A advisory for
technology firms
serving the built environment,
engineering and manufacturing markets

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Helping Technology Companies Evolve

Helping Technology Companies Evolve

We’ve been there.
Our team knows what it takes
to develop and sell technology products to
architects, engineers, contractors and owner/operators
as well as manufacturing firms

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Helping Technology Companies Evolve

Helping Technology Companies Evolve

Our experience and M&A track record is unmatched.

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Who We Are

Ascentage is a business development and M&A advisory firm for technology companies.

Our key focus is technology firms in the following areas:

  • Design/Analysis – CAD, BIM, PLM, CAM, CAE, simulation and design tools for architecture, civil engineering, environmental and manufacturing
  • Build – vertical and horizontal construction collaboration, estimating, scheduling, workforce and project management software; prefabrication/modular
  • Operate/Maintain – building controls, facility, energy, environment, safety and asset management
  • Manufacture – enterprise manufacturing, engineering, quality management and supply-chain software; optimization and analysis solutions

Our backgrounds and expertise range across a broad range of technology solutions:

  • Software – SaaS through to mobility applications
  • Location-based – GIS and LiDAR
  • Hardware – robotics, drones and IIoT sensors
  • Data – analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Consulting/professional services

For more than 20 years, business owners, founders and investors have turned to us for tactical and strategic leadership. Our team distinguishes its ability to provide compelling services to our portfolio of clients based on hard-earned domain knowledge.

From start-up through market validation, product development, sales strategies and channel development, business growth, mergers and acquisitions to exit, we’ll help your business evolve.


Technology companies hire Ascentage when:

  • Setting the stage for long term growth
  • Developing or launching new products
  • Establishing partnerships for technology or distribution
  • Preparing the business for an exit or liquidity event
  • Buying another company or selling the business to an acquirer
  • Seeking outside investors to fund more accelerated growth